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  • Am I allowed to bring outside food to the event?
    Only licensed catering companies are allowed to serve food at Big Door. Catering Companies must notify Big Door for approval if they are planning to use any device for cooking that is not already included in the Big Door facility (fryers, grills, external ovens, etc..) Additionally, no gum may be chewed by clients, guests or vendors while on Big Door premises.
  • Can I serve alcohol at the event?
    A designated licensed bartender is required to serve alcohol. Big Door can provide for an additional fee. Self-serve is never permitted. Cash bars or ticketed sales for events serving alcohol are only allowed for designated charitable orgs with the appropriate ABC liquor license. All events must comply with all California Alcohol Laws. When minors are present at events, we may require legal drinkers to be identified and be provided with wristbands.
  • What color will the Stage be painted?
    The Studio provides a black floor, and ceiling to floor blackout curtains. Walls and Floor can be painted colors other than black for an additional fee. Please inquire.
  • Can I charge a cover fee at the door?
    If serving alcohol, events at Big Door are not to be ticketed unless client is a registered charity and has an event license from the ABC.
  • How long is the rental period?
    Your day is 12 hours long. All Events must be wrapped by 11pm on the weekdays, for a 12:30am closure. All Events must be wrapped by 12:30am on the weekends for a 2am closure. OT $400 per hour, rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Where can I dispose trash from the event?
    We have a gated Republic Services dumpster located on the south-west corner of the Exterior Patio that clients can use to dispose trash from the event. All trash must be in tied trash bags and placed within the dumpster.
  • Is there available overnight storage for use prior or after the event
    Unfortunately, Big Door does not have any available storage spaces for client use.
  • Can we throw confetti or have glitter.
    Confetti, streamers, bubbles or glitter is not allowed. Balloons are permitted however Host will be charged $25 for every balloon that needs to be pulled from the ceiling. Glitter left from your guest may result in an additional cleaning charge.
  • Can we install a fountain at the venue?
    Running water fixtures are not allowed on Big Door premises due to the possibility of water damage.
  • Can pets attend the event?
    Yes, animals are allowed. Renters are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. A cleaning charge of $250 may be incurred.
  • Are open flame candles allowed?
    All wax candles must be in an enclosed glass container at least 3” wide by 5” tall. Any candle wax that is spilled must be cleaned up prior to departure. LED or oil cartridge candles do not require specific containers. Otherwise, no open flames allowed.
  • Can I smoke in the Big Door space?
    Big Door is a non-smoking/non-vaping facility. Smoking and vaping is only allowed outside in designated areas.
  • Can we use a fog machine?
    Fog machines are not allowed for the safety of all event attendees.
  • Am I allowed to hang things up on the wall?
    Yes. Only command strips or painters tape allowed on walls and floors. No nails, duct tape or scotch tape or any product that leaves a mark. Hanging items on our 3D textured wall panels in the Great Room is not allowed.
  • Can I rearrange the furniture at Big Door?
    Yes, our staff will help set up the furniture/tables/chairs we provide. They are also there to lend a hand, but are generally busy with their own duties. Any requests for our Staff to help set up must be made prior to the Event so that we can assess if there is enough labor to do the requested task.
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